So You Have Generated “Fans” but Now What?

15 08 2009

Whether you have been experimenting with a fan page on FB or have made social media a “must have” in every communication plan, there is still more to learn — so much more. I am all for trial and error but every once in a while I pick up a book, skim through a blog or listen to a Webinar while multi-tasking and realize the potential of social media is something I may never completely understand without the ability to fully submerge myself.

That’s why I get excited when I come across an expert that speaks a language I can understand and has real-world case studies to share — someone who can show me what is possible. That’s why I cannot wait to see Jeremy Epstein, founder of Never Stop Marketing (based in Washington, DC with international offices), when he is in town early September.

Aside from my real job as a healthcare marketing consultant, I also work with the local chapter of the American Marketing Association. Until getting actively involved with the group, I had no idea who Epstein was or what he did.  After doing some homework and working to begin promotions of the September education program, I am convinced his background, experience and topic will be of great value to marketers across all industries and at all levels.

Epstein is a passionate technologist and entrepreneur with international business experience and years of experience with MicroSoft. He prides himself as early adopter of email, a personal home page and blogging and believes technology can improve lives and make organizations more efficient and profitable. His work has been recognized among national best practices. and you can find his blog at The AMA program allows only an hour with this social media pioneer, but it will be action packed and attendees will:

  • understand the fundamental macro-societal shifts impacting today’s marketers
  • learn how to thrive as a marketer in this new environment
  • develop new ground rules for marketing
  • determine how to best employ social media as a marketing channel
  • start crafting an effective word-of-mouth/social media marketing strategy

If you want to learn more about creating and identifying “raving fans”, cultivating relationships and activating individuals to cost-effectively spread your messages and extend reach, I believe this event may have value for you.

Enough cross-promotion. Remember we are never too old to learn and this social media thing is not going away. We can ignore it but I think there is something to a recent McKinsey blogger who stated marketing as we know it will be gone at some point in the future — consumers will become the marketers/content generators.  So what does that leave us…brand management, experience management, fan management?

Something tells me there will still be more to accomplish than ever possible and we will still be communicating, just in new and different ways. And we will likely be doing more listening and development of products and services to meet human needs. Hmmm, sounds a bit like the definition of marketing I grew up with in college. Maybe nothing really changes after all.

If you are in the area and want to see Epstein too here are some details: 
Marketing Survival Strategies for the Attention Economy
September 10, from 7:30-9:15 a.m. 
Wisconsin Club, Milwaukee, WI
$25 for AMA members; $45 for non-members and $20 for students  
Advance registration only. Register online at no later than September 4.




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