What Does a Polyp Really Look Like?

6 03 2010

Just ask students in Cape Girardeau, Mo., where three teams of students from the University are building larger than life colorectal polyps. The design contest is part of a larger campaign designed to create awareness of colorectal cancer and the importance of early detection. 

The contest started at 10 a.m. this morning in the local mall and will conclude this afternoon with selection of a winner by a panel of medical professionals and community members at large.

The three polyps will then go on a road show, to help carry forward the message of Southeast Missouri Hospital — early detection saves lives. 

Maximizing its partnership with the mall, the hospital has also installed bathroom stall door clings and has informational take-one cards available providing information on the warning signs of the disease and routing interested individuals to an online health risk assessment for more information and offering a telephone number to schedule a colonscopy.

What a great opportunity to create a buzz by combining both guerilla and viral tactics. Can’t wait to see if the local media picks it up. It all started as a tactic to create a stir but a little imagination and community partnerships made the concept of the oversized polyp expand and grow.

And the winner is…


 SAR Twitter 30White SquareSAR LinkedIn 30White SquareSAR Facebook 30





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