A Campaign with Legs.

29 08 2010

When you have limited dollars but need to stop people in their tracks, what can you do? Why not look beyond traditional marketing tactics and place yourself directly in front of your target, using a message guaranteed to capture attention.

Environmental tactics allow you to capture attention in unexpected ways and in unexpected places. When asked to help promote a vein removal service, bvk team members started by working to understand how a woman with unsightly or painful veins may feel. Because women are often embarrassed and tend to cover their legs, we decided the best place to catch them would be in the mall where they go to shop for clothing items, or a changing room or gym where the legs would be fully visible in the mirror. From there a concept was born.

The creative team developed an eye-catching installation, designed to encourage women to “Change into a fresh pair of legs.” The displays include clothing racks filled with skirts and vein-free legs on hangers. These units were placed inside the Hospital’s store in the local mall, along with other clothing items, and within its fitness centers. A number of legs were also placed on coat racks in medical offices and in locker rooms at the Hospital’s fitness centers.

While the current placement is guaranteed to capture attention, I think there is great potential for partnering with retailers. Imagine your surprise if you came across a life-sized skirt — with legs — when shopping or visiting a changing room in your favorite clothing store. Then lectures or screenings could also be promoted via bag stuffers.

The call to action was to call the office to arrange for a consultation. Another option would be to arrange for screenings, creating an experiential tactic designed to create foot traffic at the Center and interaction with the patient care team.

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2 09 2010
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[…] Thanks to Craig Gagnon for leading us to this great blog post. For more, check out this story on Susan Rasmussen’s Blog: https://susenrasmussen.wordpress.com/2010/08/29/a-campaign-with-legs/ […]

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