Outdoor Demands Attention.

1 09 2010

Is it possible for a tactic to generate earned media simply because of the approach taken? Absolutely! And great success can result when a public service announcement and education are combined with a unique marketing approach.

Tonight in Sioux Falls, SD, many  folks traveling along Minnesota Avenue took a second look. Over the last week, regular commuters had passed an outdoor board which featured a woman seated on a stretcher. Behind her was the scene of a motor vehicle accident. The board was intriguing but tonight it was down right attention getting. The van on the board was smoking and tonight smoke was trailing off the board — yes, the board was smoking.

 Around town, you can find two similar boards. One features a football player and the other a farmer. Each uses the same intriguing headline which includes a date and the simple statement “I should’ve died.”

What’s this all lead to? Check back on Friday to see how this campaign launch unfolds and whether the unique tactic and a series of emails can generate media attention.

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