Cut Through the Clutter with Microcampaigns

11 09 2010

Are you stuck in a rut, implementing the same tactics and talking to the same audiences year after year? Do you need to break through, capture attention and drive individuals to action? Then maybe it’s time for a paradigm shift – moving from marketing campaigns to a series of fully integrated communication tactics using targeted, emotional messages for the symptomatic audience. This powerful, provocative approach can change the dialogue, encourage interaction and reap results.

 Next Tuesday, I will be part of a  fast-paced, interactive session at the SHSMD conference in Chicago that will introduce the concept of micro-campaigns and take you through practical implementation. I will be joined by Gary Mueller, executive creative director at bvk and Keith Whitworth, marketing manager at Southeast Missouri Hospital. Together, we will ask participants to forget everything they learned in marketing 101 and focus instead on human behavior. We will ask you to look at marketing challenges in a different way, working to unearth an interesting statistic or fact and make it so interesting it stops people in their tracks and gets them talking.

And because the resulting tactics themselves are newsworthy, you can stop even more people and generate ample buzz when earned and social media strategies are included in your plan. Storytelling also allows for physician and patient involvement so expertise and clinical sophistication can also be leveraged. Rather than investing marketing dollars to compete, we want you to completely change the conversation. Then, once you have engaged prospects, compelling calls to action can drive traffic to experiential tactics designed to create interactions and build a relationship or sense of community. Only then can you expect to be viewed as a personal, approachable and trustworthy resource.

If you have been itching to shake things up but been afraid to step outside of the healthcare norms and are attending the conference, I hope you will join us from 1:45-3:00 p.m. next Tuesday. We will  be sharing 2009-2010 tactics from a variety of clients and show how providers have put micro-campaigns to work and created highly visible and memorable campaigns capable of generating an exponential return for every marketing dollar invested.

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