Healthcare Strategy Society’s Highest Award Recognizes Innovator.

13 09 2010


Joel English, managing director and leader of the healthcare practice at BVK, a marketing communications agency in Milwaukee, Wis., was announced today as a recipient of the 2010 Award for Individual Professional Excellence from the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD) of the American Hospital Association. SHSMD’s Award for Individual Professional Excellence is the highest honor the Society can bestow on one of its members.

 English accepted his award from SHSMD President David Kantor during the Society’s Annual Conference in Chicago.

 As a marketing and communications strategist who has worked with more than 100 healthcare clients in his 20-plus years at BVK, Joel English thrives on chaos and enjoys employing the “why not” thinking necessary to deal with the challenging healthcare field. At BVK he has been a leader in exploring applications for data mining in healthcare, using both surveys and patient encounter data in predictive modeling. He has also been a leader in BVK’s work in healthcare provider brand discernment and development, as well as a leading proponent of integrating brand communications and organizational behavior.

English stepped down from the SHSMD board in December 2009 after seven years of service, and he is currently on the faculty of SHSMD U, where he teaches an online course in marketing communications. As chair of SHSMD’s Branding Task Force, he was instrumental in creating the Society’s brand strategy and identity. As president-elect of the Alliance for Healthcare Strategy and Marketing, English served as the bridge to SHSMD for its members when the Alliance dissolved. At the state level, he has served as president and a board member of the American Marketing Association’s Milwaukee chapter.

 About the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development
The Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development is the premier organization for healthcare planners, marketers, and communications and public relations professionals. A personal membership group of the American Hospital Association, SHSMD serves more than 4,000 members and is the largest organization in the nation devoted to serving the needs of healthcare strategy professionals. The Society is committed to helping its members meet the future with greater knowledge and opportunity as their organizations work to improve health status and quality of life in their communities.

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