Breast Cancer Campaign to be Highlighted During August AMA Program

22 07 2011

In June, AMA Milwaukee named the recipients of its Excellence in Marketing awards. The awards are given to Wisconsin companies that demonstrate exceptional marketing strategy, execution and results.

Bvk was honored to receive recognition for a breast cancer campaign developed for Mission Hospital in Orange County, California. Mission operates two facilities and both were experiencing a general decline in mammogram appointments and increased competition from both free-standing, investor-owned sites and competing area hospitals. As a result, bvk was asked to develop a campaign that would increase mammogram volume by 13% (200 cases) over a four week period.

Research had shown awareness of breast cancer was at an all time high. However, less than half of the women who should have been getting screened were taking preventive measures. All of the facts and figures were not moving women to take action. Instead of relying on a rational appeal, a compelling, emotional approach was used by bvk to move women to action.

Bus Shelter Poster

The core message was simple — women die of breast cancer and early prevention saves lives. The twist was in the delivery. Unexpected spokesmen were used, including a father, husband and son who each had all lost a woman in their lives as a result of breast cancer.

A TV spot, bus shelter posters, bus sides, posters, rich media banner ads, a landing page and earned media were part of the integrated campaign.

The work cut through the clutter and proliferation of pink by changing the conversation. Mission Hospital exceeded its volume goal with 267 mammograms scheduled and the best news was that 67 percent of the women scheduling were first time patients.

Learn more about micro campaigns and this particular case by attending the August 16th AMA luncheon at the Italian Conference Center. The event begins at 11:15 a.m. with networking, followed by lunch and three 20 minute presentations.

In addition to bvk, work created by Bader Rutter and Boelter + Lincoln will be discussed. A little insight on each project is offered below. I would love to see you there if you have interest. Registration information and full details for the luncheon event can be found online at 

Dimensional Mailer

Budget: Less than $250,000
Winner: Boelter + Lincoln for client Strattec Security Corporation
Boelter + Lincoln’s direct marketing and PR campaign for automotive lock manufacturer Strattec Security Corporation took top honors in the “Under $250,000” budget category. Boelter + Lincoln helped Strattec launch its BOLT® series of locks in conjunction with several trade shows, including the huge Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas. Designed to raise awareness within the automotive aftermarket and commercial truck industries, B+L created a three-dimensional direct mail piece offering SEMA Show attendees a BOLT® lock sample upon redemption. In conjunction with this piece, they also conducted a short-term media relations campaign to secure coverage in automotive and truck trade and enthusiast media. As a result of these efforts, Strattec surpassed their booth traffic benchmark and admittedly high goal of a 25% direct mail redemption rate by seven percentage points. The media relations campaign garnered coverage in over 80 media outlets, including Consumer Reports, SPEED network and several nationally syndicated radio programs.

Print Ad

Budget: Greater than $1,000,000
Winner: Bader Rutter for
client Dow AgroSciences

After a successful launch of the PowerFlex herbicide product, Dow AgroSciences wanted to build upon their momentum and communicate a harder-hitting message. Bader Rutter was asked to help position PowerFlex as a solution for excellent control of tough grasses and broadleaf weeds in winter wheat. The campaign was targeted at 250+ acre winter wheat growers in 13 states across the Central Plains, Pacific Northwest and the Delta. Because the challenges farmers from each of these regions face are different, Bader Rutter tailored the campaign to each geographic region. They developed an integrated campaign using a combination of television, radio, interactive and print media which featured an iconic image for powerful performance against weeds – a battleship in a sea of golden wheat. The campaign immediately caught the attention of growers and earned Dow AgroSciences a threefold increase in unaided awareness – from 2.9% the previous year to 8.9%.




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