The Blogger Behind Healthcare Marketing Tips

My name is Susen (Soberg) Rasmussen and I have been involved in the healthcare industry for over 23 years. It all started with a part-time job in high school, then a “trial interview” in college, and I never left. I have had the opportunity of holding  leadership positions with responsibility for marketing, public relations, planning and business development on both the provider and agency sides of the desk. I have been the director of marketing and public relations for a 99-bed county-owned facility; a regional director of strategic communication for Wisconsin’s largest integrated healthcare delivery system; a product line manager for a metropolitan tertiary care facility and the director of a mid-sized advertising agency’s healthcare division. My collective experience has offered me the opportunity to position and launch new hospitals and clinics, develop new services, market innovative technology and help transform the culture of organizations. Using a fact-based approach to strategy and tactic development, I work with clients to build brands, acquire new patients, enhance patient and physician loyalty and increase revenue. I see my role at bvk as a problem solver and strive to attain measurable results and maximize the marketing investment of each client. My work has been recognized nationally, demonstrating my ability to develop on-target creative designed to break through the clutter. I hold an MBA in marketing with emphasis in research from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where I also studied graphic design. I am a past president and Fellow of the Wisconsin Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing Society, recipient of the organization’s professional excellence award and a member of the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development’s 2009 conference planning committee. I also currently serves as VP Communications for the Milwaukee chapter of the American Marketing Association and am the mother of a 6-year old and 4-year old.

 e-mail  >  tel 414.247.3804    fax 414.228.7561


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